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Round HVAC Ventilation Duct Cleaning Solution 12 Feet
Round HVAC Ventilation Duct Cleaning Solution 12 Feet

Round HVAC Ventilation Duct Cleaning Solution 12 Feet

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Round HVAC Ventilation Duct Cleaning -

The HVAC ventilation duct cleaning solution was developed to address the many commercial properties which have the new open ceilings with exposed mechanical s. Round ventilation duct is also present in many establishments and homes where the rustic industrial look of exposed duct work is considered aesthetically attractive. The system is designed to be used with standard commercial backpack vacuums, commercial vacuums with 1.50” hoses, and home shop style vacuums again with 1.50” hose. The wand fits male into industry standard 1.50” cuffs and features a 45 degree bend which helps facilitate cleaning of large diameter duct. The three brushes feature a 90 degree pivoting connector which locks to the wand and permits the tool to pivot as it tracks the surface of the duct. Extensive testing lead to the double brush configuration to assure the dust is captured, not simply brushed from the surface. Contact cleaning is preferred and necessary to insure capture of the particulate on the rough surface of most HVAC ventilation duct. 
  • The is compatible with all major brands of commercial vacuums equipped with 1.50” cleaning accessories including Pro-Team, NSS, Tennant, Power Flight, Mosquito, Perfect, Hawk, Sanitarie, Bissell, Hoover, Mercury, and Sandia. It is also compatible with canister vacuums produced by these same companies as well as common home shop style vacuums with 1.50” hose like Shop Vac, Rigid, Vacmaster, Works, and Craftsman. 

  • The HVAC ventilation duct cleaning solution is designed for cleaning the exterior of round ventilation duct located up to 12 feet from the floor or elevated platform. The HVAC Ventalation kit includes a 63” anodized aluminum wand with a durable steel collar which fits industry standard 1.50” hose cuffs as found on commercial backpack vacuums and commercial canister vacuums with 1.50” accessories. The wand has a 45 degree bend at one end that finishes with an industry standard 1.50” ABS compression coupling for locking tools in place. 

  •  The HVAC ventilation duct cleaning system includes three tools especially designed to clean the exterior surface of round HVAC duct. These tools lock into the compression collar on the wand to prevent unintended separation protecting the user when cleaning overhead. The tools have a patent pending 90 degree pivoting neck which allows the tool to track the duct surface up the side and over the top of the large diameter duct without the wand preventing access. 

  • The three brush tools included in the 94311 have a curved surface designed to engage the surface of ventilation duct or other similar round surfaces from 6” in diameter all the way up to five feet in diameter. Each of the brush tools have two nylon brushes spaced 0.750” apart which focuses the vacuum for better collection of the dust and are open at both ends to insure airflow across the complete surface. 

  • There are three brushes in the 94311 set. One which is designed for surfaces from 6” in diameter to 18” in diameter. A second for surfaces 18” in diameter to 3 feet in diameter, and a third for surfaces from 3 feet in diameter up to 5 feet in diameter. 

  • In use the HVAC ventilation duct cleaning system is designed for every element to be securely locked in place to protect the user working overhead or if working from an elevated platform in the vertical plane insures against the tool separating from the cleaning wand and falling to the surface below.

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